sabato 4 marzo 2017

PickeDresses: all prom dresses for your special events

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Hi women and ladies, in this article i would recommend you a web-store that contains many clothes for every special occasion. Infact, when you'll go to PickeDresses web-site you'll have the opportunity to choose a dress from PickeDresses's collection for prom 2017, parties, homecoming, formals or special events. We know that every woman dream to wear a beautiful dress during special day, because it's very important to be glamour. This web-site has a simple graphic, so when you'll go to choose and buy clothes to find a easy way: you could watch a white background with many images with girls and each image connect a link with dress description (price, sale, color, size, shipping, silhouette, length, fabric, style, waist, neckline, year, collection).

On the top of the homepage, at left, there is a violet little paint of a woman dress, it's a website's logo. Beside the logo, there's a web-commerce name: ''PickeDresses''. On the same level of the page, at right, you can use 4 options: ''Sign in / Register'' (insert your personal data), ''My Account'' (administrate your profile settings), ''Live Chat'' (communication with website's staff), ''CAD/GBP/EUR/USD'' (choose money currency that you prefer). 

On the horizontal line below these links, you can go to visit these categories: ''Prom Dresses'', ''2017 Prom Dresses'', ''Plus Size Prom Dresses'', ''Sale''. But if you go to first category (''Prom Dresses'') with your mouse, you can watch a drop down menu with three sub-category like 'Styles and Trends', 'Popular Colors', 'Popular City', and below these sub-categories there are list of links. Next this introduction, below the links, in this website there are three images that show women wear PickeDresses clothes; if you click on these photos, you go to PickeDresses category. Remember that you can, in every moment, find a dress, read details and description and after insert the item in the cart and pay it with many methods like Visa and MasterCard.

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In this post, i would like talking you about two sub-categories of Prom Dresses. Here we can watch ''Two Piece Prom Dresses'': alluring and sexy, two-piece prom dresses with cut-outs are designed for dramatic effect and these unique dresses are available in short dresses and long formal gowns (above this paragraph, you can see two examples). With these dresses you can show off your body in a belly-baring two-piece dress or select a more conservative style that shows just a hint of your midriff. In this page, the web-site shows series of horizontal lines with images.

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An other sub-category of dresses in Prom Dresses drop down menu is called ''Ball Gown Prom Dresses'': whether you’re looking for a dramatic corset ball gown or a classic princess ball gown prom dress, there is the perfect fit for you (look two photos above this last paragraph). Ball gown dresses are guaranteed to make you feel like a princess at your prom. In each sub-category, before the images, you can choose what you want see with 4 filters like 'Recommended' - 'Most Popular' - 'New Arrivals' - 'Price'.